Always start by washing your feet carefully. It removes dirt and any remaining cosmetic products. Scrape cuticle residue from the nail bed and remove/reduce cuticles. Allow the nails to dry thoroughly, this to avoid moisture remaining under the nail bed.

Why is this important? Your Layers adhere better to a clean, dry and smooth nail bed, the result will be smoother and your Layers will stay nice for longer.

Important! Layers should not be exposed to sunlight and heat before or during application.


Remove the protective plastic from the sheet using Layers. Choose the size of your Layers by comparing the different sizes against your nail, you want a Layer that is as close to your own nail in size as possible. Are you between two different sizes of Layers? Choose the narrower of the two sizes, and stretch it sideways across the nail bed, it gives a nicer and more durable result.


To attach the Layer to the nail place it on the nail bed, start attaching the layer on one side, closest to the cuticle and press out to the corresponding side. Continue towards the tip. For best results - place the Layer carefully on your nail so that it is applied to the nail bed itself and not the skin, and that its edges are close to, but not on, your cuticle, our Layers are stretchy and can be stretched for optimal coverage.


Pull the Layer over the tip - it's a bit like pulling a sheet over a mattress. Use a nail/fingertip or the tip of the nail file to firmly press the Layer around the front edge of the nail. Remove the excess by “pinching” it off and/or using a nail file.


Place your nails under the UV LED lamp, one hand at a time. Press the upper part of the lamp and keep your hand until the lamp turns off after a few seconds. The lamp causes the material to solidify, which both increases the durability of the pedicure and gives the nails a beautiful shine. Remember that all nails must go under the lamp.

Step 6: You nailed it

Your pedicure is too beautiful not to be shared with the rest of the world! Take a picture of your newly fixed nails and post it on your social media. Don't forget to tag @lovenlayer and #lovenlayer


Time to change color and pattern? Here's how to remove your old layers: start from below at the cuticle. Peel off the layer slowly and carefully. If it is difficult to remove the Layer, you can use nail oil, drop the oil under the Layer and wait for two minutes. Afterwards, you slowly peel off the Layer. Then wash your feet carefully with soap and water.
Before applying new Layers, scrape off cuticle residue from the nail bed and remove/reduce cuticles. Also make sure that the nails are completely dry, this to avoid that there is moisture left under the nail bed or that the nail bed is softer than usual.